Various Types of Concrete Mixer or Concrete Mixing Machines

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The concrete mixer is the blend of water along with cement, aggregates that provides the concrete in a mechanical way. There are plenty of concrete mixer available in market that could produce the concrete economically as well as quickly.

Types of Concrete Mixers

Mainly there are two types of concrete mixers available:

1. Batch mixers that are divided into  

  1. Pan type mixer and
  2. Drum type mixer that is further divided into
    • Reversing drum mixer
    • Non-tilting drum mixer and
    • Tilting drum mixers
  1. Continuous Mixers

Here are various types of concrete mixing machines available:

Continuous Mixers

Continuous concrete mixers, function is mainly to mix, load and to discharge the mix continuously until the entire work is done or until the work break occurs. In this machine, materials loading is done continuously by the screw feeders. These continuous mixtures are mainly used for very huge projects such as bridges, dams and construction of high rise buildings, etc

Batch Concrete Mixers

These batch concrete mixers are the mostly used concrete machines for the mixing of concrete. The concrete mixture made from this concrete mixer is collected is taken out as a batch and time by time and it’s the reason we call it as batch mixer. By keeping all the materials required in to drum or pan, it starts blending of all that substances for few minutes and finally it discharges them. This whole process is continuously repeated till the needed amount of concrete mixture is made.

Generally these batch mixers are two types:

  1. Drum mixer type and
  2. Pan mixers type

Pan Type Concrete Mixers

These pan concrete mixers consists of a pan in a circular shape that is used to mix the concrete. In this pan, concrete mixing is done by series of balded arrange in the shape of star inside the pan.

These pan type concrete mixers are further divided into two types.

In one case, the circular pan type concrete mixer is constant while just blades arranged in star manner rotate about the vertical axis of pan. Whereas, in the other case, this circular pan rotates and star blades stay in static position. However, in these two cases, the mixing is done efficiently and the mixture is taken through the hole present in the center of the pan. 

 Drum Type Mixers

In drum type concrete mixers, all the substances are blended in the shape of double conical frustum. These drum types mixers are divided into three types:

  • Reversing drum mixers
  • Non-tilting drum mixers
  • Tilting drum mixers

Reversing Drum Mixers

Reversing drum concrete mixers are very same as non-tilting mixers types. However, in these mixers the rotation reversal takes place for the various actions. The drum consists of 2 openings, one opening is for ingredients keeping and other opening is for mix discharging.

Non-Tilting Drum Mixers

In this non- tilting mixers, the mixture of concrete do not get tilted and in this methodology, the drum of the mixer rotates itself about its horizontal axis. Finally, for discharge, the chute is placed in an inclined position that will get the mix of the concrete from drum that then discharge out.

Tilting Drum Mixers

In these tilting drum mixer, the mixer of concrete will be discharged from drum by tilting it towards down. It could quickly discharge the process and it is used for the huge projects.

However, the efficiency of mixing in this mixer mainly depends on the following factors:

  • Angle of blades
  • Blades size and
  • Shape of the drum

One of the major drawbacks of this mixer is that in most of the times, the concrete sticks to the drum bottom.

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