Concrete Mixer DIY Operating Pointers You Should Know

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The concrete mixer or cement mixer is a device that combines the cement, aggregate, and water to form the concrete for building or scape. One would probably want to get the mixer for their DIY property project, a commercial project, or another kind of project. If for any reason, you or someone you are in charge of operating the concrete mixer, please consider these important pointers.

First things first – Do the site

Before going further, you will need to prepare the site and steer it clear from distractions. Of course, manual work needs to be done. After the permit, comes the manual works such as marking, cordoning, and flattening.

Never use tires to support the mixer

The concrete mixer should be on the stable ground. Many beginners overlook this thing so they thought supporting it with tires is a great idea. It is not at all!

The key here is to provide a solid base with brackets to support the mixer. With the bracket, the concrete mixer will be stabler.

Check everything before operating it

It will always be jotted down in the Standard Operating Procedure. It is crucial to check if the system and all parts are in the prime condition. If there’s a slight error, the examination must be conducted for the safety of the operators.

No monkeying

The moment you turn the concrete mixer on,keep everybody in the field working professionally. Don’t play around or monkeying under the hopper when it is hoisting. No to mention that the hopper should be secured well after the operation is finished.

Don’t contact the irrelevant objects

Never put irrelevant tours near the mixer. Don’t put any tools or other irrelevant objects into the drum when the mixer is working.

All members need to use safety equipment

Make sure that you and your Concreter North Brisbane teammates wear the safety equipment and gear to protect yourselves from outer elements. Check the basic safety gear such as work gloves, goggles, steel toe boots or electric boots, work gloves, rubber gloves, etc.

Put the mixer in the strategic location

It is pretty quick to dry and harden the concrete. Therefore, it is foul play to locate the mixer far away from the project site. It is a basic that you need to know. If you or someone you know is in charge of this, make sure to locate the concrete mixer as near as possible with the project site. The short travel times will give enough time for concrete application. The last thing you want is to notice that the concrete has dried while in transport. The short distance between worksite and concrete mixer will also save the logistic resources. Your teammates will not travel too distanced to deliver the concrete.

Clean and maintain

Every after usage, you will need to clean and maintain the mixer. Drain the drum of the concrete after stopping. Do not use the drum to store the excess concrete. Since it dries and hardens quickly, you need to empty the drum every after use.

Clean the cement mixer using the water-gravel mixture. Don’t forget to adjust the mixture for effective cleaning.

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