Advantages of Using Mobile Concrete Pumping Mixers

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The mobile concrete mixer could be used for various projects and as a solution for many issues. The main advantage that these mobile mixers could give is flexibility of always consisting of a fresh concrete in your site by the time you require it. Below given are few of the most common uses and applications of a mobile mixer:

Self-consolidating concrete (SCC)

Roller compacted concrete (RCC)

Wet and dry shotcrete

Municipal applications

Overlay concrete

Pervious concrete

Rapid setting concrete and

Flowable fill

When and Why You Need a Mobile Concrete Mixer?

The answer for the above question is quite simple. Generally, these mobile concrete mixers provides you the best equipment to have your personal concrete plant batch. While compared to the mixing of traditional drum, this solution type could few times be the great time saving option and cost-effective equipment. If your work on this concrete is only couple of cubic meters a day or a week, then it would be pretty best equipment for you to buy. Rather than thinking about the moving of front-end loaders, conveying equipment, parts, and some other equipment, this mixer offers you everything under one single truck. Best of all, you can even rent this equipment instead of purchasing it on your own. Just by renting it, you would get it delivered to your job doorstep and also hour will have control of your timing and concrete delivery.

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Along with the flexible size and the amount of place needed to keep this mobile mixer, this portable concrete mixer, could even cross the advantages of other portable equipment that can beat other traditional drum mixers, because it could taken to many places and the mix of concrete can be easily changed. Below are few of the benefits of using mobile mixer.

  • In these mobile concrete mixer, ingredients needed are preserved in separate bins, making them to get the fresh and quality mix on each delivery.
  • The mixer equipment could carry their water tank if any additional water is required for them, and they even they can make adjustments to the mix as required
  • As with any regular concrete mixer plant, these equipment can also be customized to add mixtures and color to the concrete batch
  • Some of these mixers could offer up to  11 cubic meters and a production rate around 70 to 75 meters per hour.
  • Best of all, these mobile concrete mixers will be available at your convenience 24/7 and make you to have concrete ready at any time and any day.
  • These concrete trucks are available in various sizes based on the amount of concrete you will need.
  • Concrete by this equipment is always fresh, and for keeps you away from the worries about concrete being over mixed or too hot.
  • It decreases the concrete waste amount and also it could reduce the shortages by blending the amount you require.
  • This equipment is perfect for the remote location mainly while the batch plant could not be kept at the job site.
  • Through this equipment you could mix just the things that you are willing to pour.
  • Various jobs could be done without requiring to send back the equipment to the batch plant.

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